Smithsonian institution

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National register of historic places in Washington. Scientific research Institute. Popular name "castle". Built in 1849-1855 in the Norman style. It produces educational and developmental games, apps and videos. You can buy various souvenirs. Inside is the tomb of James Smithson.
Address: 1000 Jefferson Dr SW, Washington D.C.
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  • Plaza, 19-03-2014

    Fantastic place! You can see a photo of Yuri Gagarin's Space Suit on PlazaScience, the social network for people who likes science and photography

  • Anilu, 19-07-2013

    Sólo es un lugar para conseguir información, no un museo, no se confundan como yo. Vale la pena entrar por la arquitectura del edificio.

  • ToryBurch, 26-06-2013

    The world’s largest museum, The Smithsonian consists of 19 smaller museums and galleries and the National Zoo.

  • IWalked Audio Tours, 28-05-2013

    Originally to be constructed of white marble like similar DC bldgs but too costly. Founder James Smithson's tomb moved here upon being retrieved by Alexander Graham Bell in 1904.Full history via

  • Tim, 08-12-2012

    $10 for a mediocre sandwich, and $3 for a fountain drink in the cafe. Be prepared to take out a loan to eat there. .

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