The national archives and records

Independent Agency of the United States government. Formed in 1934. It stores historical records, government documents, available to the public. Also in the archive holds NARA records for period 1790-1930. Chief administrator control is Archivarius of the United States.
Address: 700 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington D.C.
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  • Dawn, 19-10-2013

    Pay $1 online in advance and skip to the head of the line.

  • Dwayne, 15-04-2013

    If you are nearby, stop in and be amazed by the original Declaration of Independence! Very cool and inspirational!

  • Ian, 21-08-2012

    Check out the interior doors of the elevator engraved with the Declaration of Independence!

  • US National Archives, 02-07-2012

    On Independence Day 1992, the Fife and Drum Corps stand ready during the celebration at the National Archives and Records Administration.

  • NBC Politics, 10-04-2012

    This venue holds original copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Get your wonk on at

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