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Pension building. Museum of architecture, engineering, design and construction. Private institution, non-profit organization. Founded in 1980, is located in the former Pension Bureau, built in 1887. This is magnificent building with Corinthian columns and terracotta frieze. Around the spacious Great hall presents various temporary exhibitions. There is a Museum shop that sells books about the anthropogenic environment, educational toys, watches and office items.
Address: 401 F St NW, Washington D.C.
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  • Nisa, 20-03-2013

    Great place for a meeting. Culture and convenience.

  • Shelby, 24-11-2012

    It was awesome. Kids love this place and never want to leave!

  • Alison, 25-08-2012

    The Building Zone is a great little play area for kids. It's billed as suitable for ages 2-6, but my one-year-old was able to enjoy it as well.

  • Katylou, 21-01-2012

    If you have kids under 6 it's definitely worth becoming a Family Member

  • M Squared Real Estate, 19-08-2011

    This building has one of the best interior rooms in DC, if not the country. Anyone interested in the architecture of Washington DC should visit.

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