The Museum of journalism and news

Interactive Museum. Founded in April 1997, with the aim to help to find a common language between the media and the public. Its area is equal to 23 000 square meters, Consists of 7 levels. There are 15 theaters and 14 galleries. The largest Museum of the Berlin wall where exists section of the wall that is the largest outside of Berlin. Regarding the gallery, the most ambitious one presents the first daily strip of 80 international Newspapers. Other galleries is a "History of news", "September 11", "the First amendment", "freedom of the world press", "cinema and Internet"
Address: 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington D.C.
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  • mtnbke, 02-09-2012

    The bathroom walls have old headlines from newspapers that are incorrect or mean something different than intended!

  • Michelin Travel & Lifestyle, 13-08-2012

    Interested in the original gate scandal? The Nixon Watergate tapes are accessible to the public and kept in an archives facility in College Park, Maryland. -- Green Guide Editor

  • Michelin Travel & Lifestyle, 09-08-2012

    See the door that led to Nixon's resignation at the Newseum and visit the exclusive Watergate complex of shops and condominiums in Foggy Bottom. -- Green Guide Editor

  •, 09-09-2011

    Love watching and reading the news? Go to this news/journalism museum. Must-see are the Electronic Window (display of breaking news from around the world) and the display of newspaper front pages.

  • M Squared Real Estate, 19-08-2011

    One of the top destinations in DC. Plan on spending the day, if you get tired, here are numerous small theaters showing films where you can rest your weary feet.

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