Front Yard America: The Mall from L'Enfant to Maya Lin

Price from: 300 $
Duration: 3 hours

We have no doubt that this tour will provide you with a breath-taking experience as we will deeply discover an exceptional place stretching from the Potomac to the Capitol, encompassing 300 acres, and embracing innumerable monuments. The Mall is a pivotal place any tourist has to set foot on in order to experience the power of this important American city and its central role in the American experience.

During this three-hour tour of the Mall led by a historian or architectural historian we'll navigate the major monuments and discuss the significance of what has been called America's front yard. Our walk will commence in the powerful Capitol building, where we will be able to appreciate the full extent of the Mall in front of us. Here, we will examine the history of DC's development, from the master plan of L'Enfant through the work of Daniel Burnham and others to create a city representative of America and the idealism of its government. We will go further to draw parallels between DC and the urban planning of other great world capitals, such as Rome and Paris. After this interesting discussion, we'll proceed down the National Mall and walk its length from the reflecting pool in front of the Capitol all the way to the Lincoln Monument. Along the way we'll pass some of the major «moments» which are a symbolic reminder of the U.S., history, and national identity. 

Although our exact itinerary depends on the interests of the group and the expertise of our docent, stops may include the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Castle, the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Monument, the Washington Monument, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. As we progress our conversation will shift from the landscape itself to more about what it contains, as we focus on the memorials and monuments that have served as settings for countless events and become emblematic of American struggles and idealism. Our walk will end at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, where we’ll address current issues surrounding the future of the National Mall.

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