• Duration: 1 h.
  • Цена: $$$
  • Бронирование: Да
  • Кредитные карты: Да (вкл. American Express и MasterCard)
  • Есть места на улице: Нет
  • WiFi: Нет
  • Меню: Поздний завтрак, Обед, Ужин
  • Напитки: Есть вино
  • Варианты обеда: Доставки нет
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Address: 1520 14th St NW, Washington D.C.
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  • Washington Post, 14-03-2013

    Drink up. Estadio's gin and tonic, aka the Gintonic, showcases the drink's Spanish twist. They couple Old Raj gin or Tanqueray No. 10 with house-made orange-flower tonic.

  • corbett3000, 16-01-2012

    Love the food but the snobby seating/reservations policy is just unbearable.

  • Washingtonian Magazine, 09-01-2012

    Chef Karoum’s Spanish-influenced cooking doesn’t flaunt whiz-bang techniques or trendy ingredients—it’s made for everyday eating. Still, he’s making some of the most exciting food we’ve had this year.

  • Bitches Who Brunch, 20-12-2011

    The interior at Estadio is all Catalonia romance: heavy iron chandeliers, wood paneling, Spanish tile, terra cotta everything.

  • Michele, 16-12-2011

    Tangerine slushito--Christmas in an icee, delicious concoction.

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