The library of Congress

Scientific library. The oldest Federal Agency of the United States. Founded in 1800, the Largest and most international library around the world. Occupies three buildings. The library occupies the second place by the number of items in the catalog. It holds 32 million cataloged books and other print materials in 470 languages; more than 61 million manuscripts, a collection of rare books in North America and over 1 million government publications. Incorporation is the legal repository of copyright protection and copyright registration.
Address: 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington D.C.
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  • U.S. Capitol, 29-12-2011

    Opened in 1980, measuring 500 feet wide and 400 feet deep, the Madison Building is the largest library structure in the world.

  • U.S. Capitol, 29-12-2011

    Immediately after it opened in 1897, the Library of Congress was widely considered to be the most beautiful, educational and interesting building in Washington.

  • Dylan, 31-10-2011

    What's cooler than a library card to the Library of Congress?! Get your own by going to room LM140!

  • M Squared Real Estate, 20-08-2011

    The main reading room is known as the Sacred Room, and is absolutely stunning.

  • Michelin Travel & Lifestyle, 16-08-2011

    The Library of Congress retains more than 145 million items filling the equivalent of some 745 miles of shelves! Free guided tours offered throughout the week. -- Green Guide Editor

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