Palace of Fine Arts

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It is a very unusual building for San Francisco in the style of Romanesque Rotunda which was built by the architect B. Maybeck in 1915. The building was equipped with military car wash during the Second World War, and the Palace and the land around it were so spoiled till 50`s that their use became life-threatening. Some time later the rotunda was restored for private funds. Theatre featuring space for 1000 visitors is now located at the Palace of Fine Arts.
Address: 3301 Lyon St, San Francisco
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Magic place
IanCTauranga , Tauranga, 2015-05-22
We visited this palace before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. It was absolutely beautiful and enjoyed wandering around the gardens looking at all the architecture. there is a nice café if you... read full review
One of the best - I loved it
Ronna786 , Toronto, Canada, 2015-05-21
To be honest I have been to lots of beautiful places and no doubt that those beautiful places are not less beautiful than palace of fine arts but I find it more natural and beautiful than the San... read full review
This museum could be in Paris, London or Rome!
Trisha21 , Orange County CA, 2015-05-21
What an amazing location for this fine museum! We enjoyed the permanent collections, the lovely cafe and especially the current exhibit of designer clothes from the past. The audio guide really... read full review
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  • The Ritz-Carlton, 03-09-2013

    The Palace of Fine Arts is a neo-classical "ruin" originally constructed for the 1915 World's Fair and is the only structure from the historic event that is still situated on its original site.

  • @AndrewFoodie, 31-03-2013

    This is where John Mason met his estranged daughter Jade. Stanley Goodspeed also said "Cut the chit chat, A-hole!" here.

  • Pacific Catch, 05-02-2012

    You will be transported to a different land here. Walk to the middle dome, lay on the ground and look up in wonderment. There's a pretty good echo here too! The spot of many wedding photos.

  • Laine, 07-01-2012

    Lay down and stare at the ceiling at 4o'clock to 5o'clock in the morning.

  • Exploratorium, 30-08-2011

    At the Palace of Fine Arts, there's a secret listening exhibit inside one of the columns of the rotunda. SOUND COLUMN is a musical instrument whose resonating chamber is a 60-foot-high room.

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