"The Temple of the Gods". It is the best-preserved example of an Ancient Roman monumental building. The monument is typical to centric-domed architecture, which belongs to the period of rise of Roman architecture. It was built in 126 AD during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian to worship all the Gods. The diameter of a hemispherical dome exceeds 43 m, which covers the Rotunda of brick and concrete. The building is always in use arter it was constructed.
Address: Piazza della Rotonda, Rome
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Amber E , Crewe, United Kingdom, 2015-04-15
We stayed in Rome for three nights and visited the pantheon twice, once in the day and once at night. Free of charge and definitely worth the visit read full review
Miss this at your peril
Tracee1 , Guildford, 2015-04-15
Best preserved monument in Rome, totally incredible, do not leave Rome without visiting this site and the best bit is that it's free!!!!! read full review
Of all the places, this was the most awe inspiring.
Drsean124 , Castle Rock, Colorado, 2015-04-15
I have been all over the place, and the Pantheon is one of the best. Right out of the National Geographic magazines we had as kids. The enormity of that place is beyond words and much better than I... read full review
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  • Parisian Geek, 12-08-2013

    Bâti sur ordre d'Aggripa et reconstruit par Hadrien, c'est le plus grand bâtiment romain resté intact jusqu'à nos jours.

  • Fatima, 14-06-2013

    Take panorama views if you're taking pictures.. They'll look awesome :)

  • Паша, 07-06-2013

    Суета этого места чем-то привлекает меня. В кафешках возле Пантеона вы можете попробовать настоящую итальянскую кухню. Мое любимое место в Риме.

  • Алексей, 02-04-2013

    А если вдруг Пантеон уже закрыт, можно повтыкать в дырку в дверях. Видно все хорошо. Часто выстраиваются целые очереди к дырке;)

  • Georban, 03-10-2012

    Monumento representativo del Imperio Romano y mejor conservado de aquella época. Se reconstruyó durante el mandato de Adriano en el 118 d.C., después de sufrir grandes daños durante un incendio.

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