The Palatine Hill (Collis Palatium or Mons Palatinus)

It is the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome, which is 40 m high, one of the most ancient residence parts of Rome.
According to the mythology, ancient Rome was founded here: the Palatine Hill was the place, where Romulus and Remus were kept alive by the she-wolf and raised by Faustulus, here Romulus founded the city. The name Palatium is related to Pales, a deity of shepherds, flocks and livestock. Originally, the Palatine Hill was likely to be a pasture-land, and later it became shepherds` religious centre for sacrificial offering when Italic peoples celebrated their first Pales' festival there.
Address: Via San Gregorio 30, Rome
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Magical time
Robbiej4syth , 2015-04-18
We went to the Palatine hill in April and had a magical experience. You can walk around it in about and two hour. I would recommend a tour for this or staying around to absorb the environment... read full review
Honeymoon first trip to Rome
Rhonda B , 2015-04-17
Beautiful location right beside Colosseum. The sights this area presented took our breath away and we were totally in awe! Highly recommended for anyone visiting Rome - this is a must see! read full review
Very relaxing to walk around
Dunks961 , 2015-04-17
Went here after visiting the Colosseum, and found it very relaxing to walk around - there aren't as many visitors as other major attractions and there is very little background noise from cars etc... read full review
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  • Elif, 25-10-2013

    Such a interesting place but if you don't get audio guide you can't get a map and unfortunetly inside they don't have proper sign...

  • Cross Pollinate Travel, 06-11-2012

    Largest and best preserved ruins of one of the three large public bathhouses of ancient Rome. Not on The Beehive map as it is a bit south near the Circus Maximus.

  • Gabriele, 03-11-2012

    Molto bello ma bisogna avere per forza una cartina e una guida perché all'interno non c'è nessuna indicazione

  • Roma Virtual History, 13-10-2012

    Una veduta del Palatino dalle pendici del Campidoglio

  • Roma Virtual History, 13-10-2012

    L'itinerario archeologico sul colle Paltino presenta i resti del palazzo imperiale e di altri antichi edifici

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