The Museum of the Ara Pacis (Museo dell'Ara Pacis)

The building, designed by architect Richard Meier, was opened to the public on April 21, 2006, the date of the foundation of Rome. The museum is the first great architectural intervention in the historic centre of Rome since the Fascist era. The white colour of structure clearly allude to the style of imperial Rome. It hosts the Ara Pacis of Augustus, inaugurated on January 30, 9 BC.
Address: Lungotevere in Augusta, Rome
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Interesting but pricey
larkenRidgefield_CT , Ridgefield, CT, 2015-04-13
The museum is very modern and small. The Ara Pacis is of the Imperial age. The altar dates to 13 BC to celebrate Pax Romana, the era of peace after Augustus's victories. It is spectacular in its... read full review
Expensive and not much to see
InnaVelikova , Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015-04-05
There is very little to see in this museum, except the Ara Pacis itself. I enjoyed seeing the arch but I can't say it was worth the cost of 14 euros (12 euros with Roma Pass). Of course, if you are... read full review
Nice but expensive! Bonito pero Caro!
Andrea B , Rome, Italy, 2015-03-04
The Ara Pacis museum is very interesting from the historical point of view but you may need only half an hour to see it and the regular price is 10, 80 euros. It will be expensive for a family to... read full review
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  • Daniele, 23-05-2013

    L'entrata della mostra di Salgado è sulla stradina laterale

  •, 19-11-2012

    Parking available - Pedestrian Route partially accessible by wheelchair - Entrance: Uncovered, escort NOT required - Access ramp and Elevator Access - WC Accessible

  • BBPlanet, 22-10-2012

    L'Altare della Pace è una delle più significative testimonianze dell'arte augustea. Simboleggia pace e prosperità.

  • Daniela, 01-09-2012

    Piccolo... ma splendido! Un tuffo nel passato per un'archeologa "mancata" come me..

  • Roma, 24-03-2012

    It's a relief that Augustus' great monument has finally been liberated after years hidden beneath scaffolding: its Luna marble glows in architect Richard Meier's luminous space.

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