The Vatican Museum's Ethnological Missionary Museum

It is one of the first Vatican Museums, established in 1927 by the order of Pope Pius XI. It is located in the Lutheran Palace. Today, the number of items in the collection are close to 100 000. It features the items of European and non-European cultures, gifts, presented by the Congregation or Missionaries, some exhibit items collected by Stefano Borgia.
The museum is divided into two passageways, one of which is available to the public, and the second one is available only on request.
Address: Viale Vaticano, Rome
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  • Naomi, 24-04-2014

    Fuja do restaurante do Museu Vaticano. Comida ruim e atendentes piores ainda... #toscos demais

  • Naomi, 24-04-2014

    Não marque bobeira: compre os ingressos antecipadamente pelo site oficial e entre sem pegar fila. Pegue o percurso mais curto para a Capela Sistina e deleite-se vendo a obra prima de Michelangelo.

  • Eugeny, 06-03-2014

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  • Raman, 21-02-2014

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  • Михаил, 30-12-2013

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