Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi)

It is one of the most world-famous attractions of Rome, which is the largest Baroque fountain in the city. It stands 26.3 m high and 49.15 m wide. It was designed by the architect Nicola Salvi and was completed in 1762. Many different ancient legends are associated with it, and it featured in some Italian films.
Address: Piazza di Trevi, Rome
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claire f , 2015-04-16
Unfortunately the fountain was being renovated or restored and that detracted greatly from the beauty that it truly is. But saying that, what an imposing piece of art! It's huge and I'm sure well... read full review
A wonderful spot
Simon Z , 2015-04-16
The Trevi fountain is a must see,however I didn't get the chance to enjoy all its bells & whistles because it was being renovated .big bummer,perhaps another reason to go back to Italy, read full review
Undergoing restoration but still worth a visit
homerhotspur , Worcestershire, 2015-04-16
At present the fountain is being restored and workmen are busy but you can still see the major statues and imagine what it will look like when restored to its full glory. Worth a visit as part of a... read full review
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  • flânerie, 29-07-2013

    Wow wow wow ❤(So many tourists - impossible to take a proper photo, sorry!)

  • Fоursquаrе по-русски, 14-05-2013

    Нужно стать спиной к фонтану и бросать монетки правой рукой через левое плечо. Одна монетка - одно желание! Принимается к рассмотрению только Евро валюта :)

  • Mario Adolfo, 30-11-2012

    Brasileiros, a boa dica aqui é comprar um sorvete e apreciar a fonte. Existem várias sorveterias. Os restaurantes que cercam o local também têm bons preços!

  • Serazhutdin, 26-09-2012

    Отличное место, чтобы отметить День ВДВ!

  • Roma, 24-03-2012

    For recent generations, it was Anita Ekberg who made this fountain famous when she plunged in wearing a strapless black evening dress in Federico Fellini's classic La dolce vita.

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