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The Cent Quatre, meaning "104", is a public cultural centre in Paris, in the 19th arrondissement of the city. Artists of all disciplines are invited to work in studios on site, allowing the public to view their work in production. The Cent Quatre also operates as a business incubator for social and cultural enterprises which it seeks to integrate with the artistic life of the building.
It features paintings, sculptures and murals by Keith Haring, reflecting socio-political themes, such as anti-Apartheid, AIDS awareness, the crack cocaine epidemic, homophobia, etc. The exhibition includes a selection of Keith Haring's monumental works, notably one of his most important series: The Ten Commandments.
The centre hosts exhibitions of different artists and photographers and performances of various bands on a regular basis.
Children`s Club is another Centre`s highlight, which features unusual interior with elements of arts, murals, frescos, paintings, etc. Master classes for children are held there.
Address: 5 rue Curial, Paris
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hashimegu7 , Hiroshima, Japan, 2015-05-06
ラ・ヴィレット貯水池を散歩しようと、たまたま近くに来た時に、地図に載っていたのでふらりと訪問。地球の歩き方には、「2008年オープンの総合アートスペース。19世紀にパリ市葬儀公社の建物だった歴史的建築物を改装したもの」とだけの説明で、何があるのかさっぱり分からないまま行ってみました。近くに行くと音楽が聞こえてきて、若者が増えてきます。入場料はいらないようで、そのまま中に入ってみると、広いフロアでた... read full review
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  • Dis-moi, 18-11-2014

    Un lieu d(a)(e)nse. Détendu et culturel. Continuez la ballade avec le Jardin D'Eole voire, de l'autre côté des voies ferrées, la Halle Pajol !

  • Gasp, 16-12-2013

    Must see! For New Yorkers it's PS1 ten times better and bigger, with kids, break and contemporary dancers, good food, bookshop and trades, concerts... A huge workshop open to all in an amazing hall

  • Volcom Stone, 09-10-2013

    Last Saturday, Volcom Clothing hosted an afternoon celebrating the brand and its unique values in Paris: "The World Of Volcom Stone"That was a night to remember! Video: https://vimeo.com/76331219

  • Volcom Stone, 05-10-2013

    Today! Volcom presents 'The World of Volcom Stone at 104 CENTQUATRE, 2pm-9pm: Volcom Skate team Demo, World Premiere of Volcom's new film, "True To This" and Live Concert from The Black Bananas

  • Volcom Stone, 17-09-2013

    Don't miss the world premiere of 'True to This', a Veeco Productions film, October 5th 2013 at LE CENTQUATRE - 104 in Paris. EN: http://vol.cm/1aH5OTOFR: http://vol.cm/18u5M3s

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