The Square du Temple

The Square du Temple is located in the 3d arrondissement of Paris. It covers 7,965 square metres and was open to the public in 1857. The square occupies part of the site of where the 16th century palace of the monastery of the Templiers and its garden sat. This palace was transformed into a prison from 1792-1808. In 1792, it imprisoned Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. The tower also imprisoned the Dauphin, their son. In 1809, much of the palace was destroyed. With an order of Napoleon's, dated March 16, 1808, the Tower of the Temple was brought down in 1811. This meant that all but the Great Prior's palace of the ancient templar monastery had been destroyed.
In 1853, however, during the massive city-wide renovations of Baron Haussmann under Napoleon III, the Palace of the Grand Prior was demolished so as to make room for the present-day square.
The Garden in the Square du Temple was designed by Alphand in 1867 in the English-garden style. There is a large pond with a small waterfall cascading over rocks brought from Fountainbleu. The pond is surrounded by green and flowering shrubs and some rare varieties of trees.
The ornamental main gate was designed by Davioud and there is a gazebo for afternoon concerts next to a children's playground.
The large grassy area is a favorite spot for picnics and lunches on a sunny day and there are many benches to be found in the sun as well as in the shade.
On the main lawn, there is a plaque with the names of 85 Jewish children from the 3rd arrondissement who were deported to Auschwitz.
Address: Rue du Temple, Paris
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    Grab something to go from nearby, come enjoy it in the park while people watching.

  • Alice, 29-05-2012

    Les enfants d'un coté les grands de l'autre et tt le monde est content.

  • Jin, 18-04-2012

    Trop de pigeons. Mais excellent pour digérer après un couscous chez Omar. Autre ambiance, un petit verre sur la place Ste Catherine, juste derrière.

  • Elisa, 01-04-2012

    De mi blog de turismo, visita a la hermosa plaza

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    Como un pequeño oasis en Le Marais. Le dediqué un artículo en mi blog de viajes

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