Parc départemental de Sceaux

The park is situated in the territory of Sceaux, Hauts-de-Seine, a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris, which is located 9.7 km from the centre of the city. It featured Sceaux castle. The present château, rebuilt 1856-62 in a Louis XIII style, is now the museum of Île-de-France open for visits. The park went down in history in 1670 when Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the Sun King’s Controller-General of Finances, bought the Domaine and turned it into a place of real prestige and thereby expanded the territory of the park up to 100 hectares. When Colbert died his son, the Marquis de Seignelay, acquired a great deal of land and the Domaine then grew to 220 hectares. André Le Nôtre came back and redesigned the garden, creating the Grand Canal. In the 18th century, the French Revolution led to the near total destruction of the site, which was then bought by a rich farmer by the name of Hyppolite Lecomte. The Duke of Trévise, who married Lecomte’s daughter in 1828, embarked upon the restoration of the Domaine. He had a neo-Louis XIII style château rebuilt and reviewed the broad outline of the garden.
The First World War put an end to this renewal and it was not until 1923 that the Department of the Seine bought the estate and protected its historic heritage. The buildings and sculptures were listed as historic monuments in 1925.
Léon Azéma, the architect and designer of the Trocadéro gardens, led the restoration project between 1930 and 1934 and, although he kept the buildings, main vistas and bodies of water, the internal structure was changed. He built a new Art Deco style waterfall and decorated it with bronze mascarons by the sculptor Rodin. First and foremost, he simplified the layout of the paths, the organisation of the groves and brought in the façade of the Pavillon de Hanovre. The private 17th and 18th century Domaine gave away to a public park, a perfect place to relax and go for a walk.
The Department of the Hauts-de-Seine began work on restoring the park again in 1971.
Address: Domaine de Sceaux, Paris
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Fabulous park
Felicity G , Paris, France, 2015-05-14
Wonderful park not far from Paris. Beautiful lawns you can actually play on and big enough to throw a Frisbee and kick a ball. Just what my boys and their friends needed. They have not stopped... read full review
182tara04 , Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2015-04-21
Take the RER B for 10 mn from opera and go spend the day in a stunning park Designed by le Notre you will find the real french garden art Loan, wood, canal and Fontaine It s huge, not touristic and... read full review
iversen2 , paris, france, 2015-04-01
Don't miss it, wonderful park, small castle and lake, great for walks, picnics etc in beautiful it. read full review
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  • Arsentii, 13-11-2014

    Очень красивое место. Близко от Парижа. Красивый ансамбль фонтанов, красивый сад, огромная территория. Лучше всего добираться со станции La croix de Berny

  • Marinellyam, 10-11-2014

    Très beau parc, très beau cadre! Parfait pour y passer un dimanche en famille!

  • Fanny, 18-09-2014

    Parfait pour une promenade au vert; peu de monde et des "paysages" variés

  • Alexis, 12-09-2014

    Très grand parc hypertexte agréable. Joli château.

  • Marc, 31-08-2014

    Parfait dès qu'il fait beau! Il y a même une piscine dans le parc.

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