Explore Times Square, Grand Central and more

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Duration: 2 hours

If any one street holds the key to understanding New York, it may be 42nd Street.

Even after you get past New York's most famous neighborhood, Times Square, each new block seems to house another quintessential landmark:

The incredible New York Public Library Grand Central Terminal The Chrysler Building The United Nations

And those are just the big names. The street also abounds with tiny gems you'd never find on your own, fascinating little institutions where history gets made, far from the public's view. 

As you walk the route you'll hear about the people who brought it all to life, people like the Broadway producer who tried to use dramatic smells in his plays or the brilliant architect whose lust led to his murder.

Playboys, plutocrats, diplomats, con men, chorus girls and other utterly improbable characters: You can't really understand the city without meeting them, and you're not going to meet them on any other tour.

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