Central Park? Fuggedaboutit!

Price from: 30 €
Duration: 3 hours


Pedal around the Bronx with an anthropologist as your guide.


If you’re looking to do something different on your next trip to New York why not book a bike tour with anthropologist Andrea Carocci.


Even hardcore New York mavens will discover sides to the city they never knew existed. The tours go into neighborhoods that lie well off the beaten path, places most tourists wouldn’t dream of visiting on their own. Andrea’s  excursions are safe, informative and you will get to see the Big Apple through the eyes of a trained anthropologist. It’s a real adventure for the intellect and the senses.


Andrea has put together his unconventional itineraries after years of exploring NYC on his bicycle. The tours delve into the lesser known parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn like Harlem and Red Hook and neighborhoods like Staten Island or Queens. For the more venturesome there’s a tour through the legendary Bronx or you can push on as far as the marshes of Jamaica Bay.


The group makes frequent stops along the way to give you a chance to soak in the sights of the different neighborhoods and try out ethnic specialties in tiny eateries you won’t find in any guidebook. Unless you’re an incorrigible couch potato, Andrea’s tours are easily doable, with no elevation changes to speak of. And whenever the destination is farther away the initial approach is by subway or ferry.



Andrea Carocci worked for over twenty years in one of Italy’s leading publishing houses. Later he went on to do his PHD at University College, Londonwhere he wrote a dissertation on voluntary risk taking by amateur glider pilots. Andrea has been living in New York City since 2008. A trained anthropologist and a passionate lover of the arts and architecture, Andrea spends much of his time wandering around the five boroughs on his bicycle.



Groups will not exceed 6 participants. Trips vary from 2 to 5 hours. Personalized tours are also available upon request. Every trip starts at a bike shop which will be providing the bicycles and helmets (helmets are only required for those under the age 14, but are highly recommended). Most of the tours are along designated bicycle paths, suitable for the entire family.



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