Venice Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles.
It is located in the area with the same name of Venice within walking distance from the famous beaches of Santa Monica and Marina del Rey Beach, also the "Venice Beach Boardwalk" promenade is located next to the beach .
The coastline of the beach is very wide, and since there are not very many people here there is always space even by the ocean.
There are always strong winds, so surfers regularly visit this place to "catch a wave".
On the beach there are cabins for clothes changing, booths and lodges for beach rescuers. The terrain is not very clean, because of the constant flow of tourists on the boardwalk near the beach.
The entrance is free, and you can settle right on the sand. Sun beds are not available for renting. You can play volleyball on the beach and it is better to come here on bikes as car parking is not for free.
Right at the beach there is a small amusement park, and there is a pier, which is packed with many tourists throwing coins into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.
Here you can often see people jogging and groups exercising with yoga.
Address: Venice Beach, Los Angeles
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  • The Most Interesting Man in the World, 26-03-2014

    I believe men and women are able to do things equally well in this modern world. Except when it comes to wearing teeny bikinis.

  • Yokumon, 11-10-2013

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  • Wynn, 10-09-2012

    I just saw a small child playing with a used condom.

  • Juston, 09-01-2012

    One word: Baywatch. Two more words: David Hasselhoff.

  • MTV, 29-07-2011

    Wiz Khalifa's “Roll Up” video was shot here. MTV News was on the set!

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