Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach is one of the most popular beach in the world and the most visited one in Los Angeles.
Everyone will find an entertainment to his or her taste - the coastline is so wide that even a huge number of people willing to lie on the beach will always fit in there and still there will be a room for beach games like volleyball or frisbee.
The beach has booths for clothes changing, urns and the sand is always clean, as the beach regularly gets cleaned and garbage is always taken out on a regular basis.
Right next to the beach is a big parking lot, the cost of one parking place a day ranges from 7 to 12 dollars, depending on the time of arrival and day of the week.
At the entrance to the beach you can rent a bike or roller skates, right next to the sandy line there is an asphalted path for cyclists, skaters, skateboarders, and people who like to jog along the beach.
There are always big waves, so the beach is always crowded with surfers; it is not for beginners, as there is no school for surfing.
There is a long wooden pier on the beach, with ice-cream cafes, attractions and water slides. There are always many people at the pier and you might see flocks of pelicans.
Address: 1432 Palisades Beach Rd, Los Angeles
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  • The Most Interesting Man in the World, 29-03-2014

    I just swam immediately after eating. I feel great.

  • Los Angeles, 01-08-2013

    Soak up the sun on Santa Monica Beach, then window shop at Santa Monica Place.

  • Alper, 26-03-2013

    Okyanus ve kumla dans etmek konulu mekana hoş geldiniz. Tadını çıkarın.

  • Petey, 31-07-2012

    Dig your hand in the wet sand by the water, you'll be sure to catch some Pacific Mole Crabs aka Sand Crabs.

  • Elizabeth, 01-05-2012

    This is perfect for tourists, extremely crowded and parking sucks. Beautiful beach, with pier and performing street artists. Right by the 3rd street promenade shopping. Lots of homeless though.

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