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Runyon Canyon Park is the most popular place in Los Angeles from the top of which you can enjoy stunning views of the city of angels.
The Park is in the area called Griffith Area Maint, the road to the park also leads to famous Griffith Observatory. The entrance is free and no staff. Right at the entrance there is a parking lot, which is always full with cars, especially on weekends.
People come here to have an active rest, three routes of different difficulty laid in the hills, passing those you can see a great panoramic view of Los Angeles and the famous Hollywood Hills, where at its best rests the "Hollywood" sign .
It does not provide bicycle paths, only walking. You are not allowed to have picnics and drink alcoholic beverages, this area is only for healthy recreation, for dog walking and sport exercising with families.
In the park there are benches and urns, it is always opened. Its big advantage is its close favor to the center.
Address: N. Fuller Ave., Los Angeles
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  • LA Weekly, 04-01-2013

    The only off-leash hiking in LA, this is the best place to let your dog run free. We like the short hike to Indian Rock, the highest point in the canyon. Also known for the great celebrity-spotting!

  • Sony, 24-10-2012

    For the runners, try shortening your stride and keep a steady rhythm on Runyon’s steep uphill trail.

  • Vanity Fair Agenda, 30-01-2012

    The park is a favorite place to hike with your dog and see not only some of the best views of the city but some of the best-looking people in the city. Sunsets and sunrises are spectacular.

  • Charles, 22-01-2012

    Great hike and great views! Feel free to bring your dogs (and a bag to clean up after them).

  • Juston, 08-01-2012

    Miles of well-traffic trails with great views of the city and the Hollywood sign. And, if you're one of those people who recognizes b-list celebrities, you'll enjoy it here.

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