Palisades Park - is a small park located almost near Santa Monica beaches in Los Angeles.
It is located near Area Maint Valley, which is located in the Pacific Palisades; the park is close to the Sunset Boulevard, the park Temescal Getaway and the National Historic Park of Will Rogers.
Will Rogers' Beach and a huge promenade specifically designed for cyclists and skaters is adjacent to the park.
People come to the park to admire the stunning sunsets, there are many benches where you can sit and relax. Not much of the vegetation there but it is clean and well maintained; every bench has an urn next to it. There are light poles everywhere, making it bright in the dark.
The entrance is free, the park is open 24/7, it also has a playground for children, as well as roads for bicycles. The park is quite long, but narrow, one can not hide from the sun in its depths.
It is designed for romantic walks, admiring sunsets and active recreation. The park is located close to the Santa Monica beach pier which has a variety of entertainment and cafes.
Address: Ocean Ave, Los Angeles
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  • Ekaterina, 24-08-2014

    Nice park with ocean view. Good place for yoga in the morning

  • kim, 24-02-2013

    Take a walk down to the beach using the bridge over PCH. The stairs are near Montana Ave.

  • Caroline, 19-07-2012

    So beautiful. Come in the evening for a quiet sunset on the beach.

  • heather, 02-02-2012

    Such a great walk - watch the dolphins commute up to Malibu in the morning

  • Charles, 22-01-2012

    If there's a reason it seems like it's right out of a TV commercial, that's because it basically is!

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