Old Town Pasadena is one of the most popular small picturesque historic districts in Los Angeles. This Old Town is located in Pasadena area close to Colorado Boulevard on the way to the Griffith Park.
The area resembles vintage Spanish building blocks with neat houses and not very wide streets. Walking into this place, it seems like being in Europe, sort of a little bit of European thing in sunny California.
There are over 200 different shops, 22 objects of historical value, as well as many boutiques, more than 100 restaurants and cafes of traditional American and ancient European and Mexican cuisine.
There is a shopping center and cinema, limited parking, in a very convenient location; also it has a parking place for bikes. There are a lot of chain-hotels where rooms are rented out quite inexpensively in this area.
In the Old Town there is a small market where farmers come to sell only fresh products.
Address: pasadena, Los Angeles
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  • Brittany, 11-11-2013

    Love to walk around Old Town and window shop, or stop by the bookstore and enjoy a cup of coffee, go see a movie, or enjoy happy hour or a club at night. One stop enjoyment!

  • Carlos, 29-09-2013

    Great place to take a date or hang out with friends. A diverse selection of cuisines. Parking structures are free the first 90 minutes. Bars, clubs, retail and restaurants all close by.

  • Gene, 30-03-2013

    The 1st place I created on Foursquare shortly after its debut at SXSW in 2009. Back then I was 1 of few active users and mayor of 100 top places in SGV. Now I can't even be mayor of my own house

  • Daisy, 02-06-2012

    Take parking meter serious. You WILL get a ticket minutes after the meter expires, or if you park where you should not.

  • Keith, 12-03-2012

    when leaving the parking structure at night be sure to turn your headlights on. The cops will nail you the minute you pull out, be safe!

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