Address: 250 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles
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  • Tommy Hilfiger, 13-02-2013

    “The MOCA boasts the most impressive collection of contemporary American art in the United States. It brings such a unique variety of artists and artistic culture to the heart of Los Angeles.” -TH

  • LA Weekly, 12-01-2013

    Free every Thursday from 5-8pm! Also check out MOCA at the Geffen and at the Pacific Design Center. Still one of the of the best collections, curatorial controversies nothwithstanding!

  • Vanity Fair Agenda, 30-01-2012

    Now through February 27: Naked Hollywood: Weegee in Los Angeles, the first exhibition of tabloid photographer Weegee's work produced in Southern California.

  • Juston, 09-01-2012

    Nifty museum with a nifty Thursday evening special: free admission!

  • Zemanta, 14-10-2011

    Looking for some blogging inspiration? Look no further! And it's free Thursday evenings from 5-8pm! (via @jaimehonkawa)

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