California science center

California Science Center is a place that brings together a fascinating pastime with the study of the scientific achievements of man. The museum is divided into four parts. The first is an exhibition devoted to the history of the development of living organisms from primitive forms to more complex, the second presents the achievements of mankind in the field of technology. Another exhibition is dedicated to space exploration. And finally, the last segment, "ecosystem" is a place where you can watch animals and plants in their natural environment.
Address: 700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles
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  • Christi, 03-08-2013

    Just because it's free admission doesn't mean you can let your kids run around like savages, banging all the buttons, and ruining everyone else's experience. Take the opportunity to teach & learn!

  • Lisa, 31-03-2013

    Make sure to visit Endeavour! It's a great display and I can't wait until its permanent display is built. The rest of the museum was fun too.

  • The Ritz-Carlton, 08-03-2013

    The California Science Center is one of only four locations to receive a retired space shuttle. The Endeavor traveled 12 miles through the streets of Los Angeles to rest here.

  • Jason, 04-01-2013

    Admission is free, but the more Premium exhibits require a ticket. If you plan on visiting Endeavour, buy your ticket in advance, but schedule your time so you have ample time to explore.

  • Paul, 16-07-2012

    The underwater kelp exhibit is great for small kids. They get to see lots of fish and sharks close up.

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