The Grand Park of Los Angeles is perhaps the only green area in the barren landscape of downtown. The huge space of the park is perfect for walks and sports, as well as for outdoor events. The Park conditionally divided into several zones, with different landscape and vegetation, there is a square with a fountain and a terrace with evergreen plants and several areas of different sizes for concerts and performances.
Address: 200 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles
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  • Rachel, 01-01-2015

    A great place to sit, relax, and enjoy your surroundings

  • Christopher, 08-09-2014

    Made in america festival the concerts are good and the location in downtown is great

  • Whitney, 01-09-2014

    The Made In America festival was great at this location

  • Susan, 20-04-2014

    Nice water feature that kids can play in between Hill and Grand, right next to a Starbucks. Pretty park!

  • Noel, 15-02-2014

    At night they have a jam fest at the park. But you have to park at the music center. My suggestion is to either take the bus or train or you could pay the 9.00 fee at the music center

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