Echo Park Lake - is a picturesque lake, located in the heart of Echo Park in Los Angeles.
This park is popular with tourists, it is located close to the famous Sunset Boulevard, also it is located close to attractions such as the Elysian Park and Dodger Stadium.
The area of the park with the lake is Griffith / Metro, which is east of the city and despite of this there are always very many visitors.
The lake is quite big and there are often tourists and locals relaxing on its banks. The entrance to the park is free.
Many visitors from Europe compare the Echo Lake with Lake Geneva, thanks to a small fountain, which rises up directly from the middle of the lake.
All visitors can take a boat ride or a catamaran. To rent a catamaran for 1 hour costs $ 10 for adults and 5 dollars for a child. Near the lake there is a place for picnics, where it is possible to fish.
Every summer a festival of lotuses is conducted here. There are shops and cafes where you can dine while enjoying views of the lake in the park.
Address: 751 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles
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  • Abi, 14-10-2014

    Nice place to relax for families, good jog song the lake as well

  • Anthony, 12-09-2014

    The Lake's iconic fountain was installed as part of the city's hosting of the 1984 Olympic Games.

  • Sorrell, 03-09-2014

    Perfect for daytime dog walking! The boathouse serves up Intelligentsia coffee and snacks with a little patio. Good people watching! It's especially beautiful when the lotus flowers are in bloom.

  • Maddie Mae, 10-08-2014

    Great people- and dog-watching. Get a popsicle and find a shady spot!

  • Shirley, 20-03-2014

    Great place for a picnic and reading and probably for a run. The bathrooms here have no soap though so make sure to bring hand sanitizer.

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