• Duration: 1 h.
  • Цена: $$$
  • Бронирование: Да
  • Кредитные карты: Да (вкл. American Express и MasterCard)
  • Есть места на улице: Да
  • Меню: Ужин
  • Напитки: Есть вино, Коктейли
  • Варианты обеда: Доставки нет
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Bestia is one of the favorite Italian restaurants, located in the industrial block of Los Angeles.
The restaurant's menu is known, and loved by many, Italian cuisine: pastas, fresh salads with arugula, Neapolitan pizza from the oven and plenty of snacks.
The restaurant welcomes customers by a valet who parks their cars. The interior style is classic and discreet. There is a strong table reservation system, if there is no available table; customers are invited to the bar.
Prices are high and, of course, with corresponding class service. It is open until late.
Address: 2121 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles
All reviews
  • Los Angeles Times, 03-08-2014

    At this point, Bestia may be best known as the downtown restaurant you can't get into, so you should probably plan your next dinner there a month in advance.

  • Desiree, 04-05-2014

    Complements of Chef Ori. Lobster with tuna tonnato sauce.

  • Eater, 30-10-2013

    A seasonal Italian restaurant with excellent house-cured salumi and a fancy wood-fired oven which cooks pizzas and more. The space is hip without trying to hard in an industrial unfinished way.

  • Eater, 10-07-2013

    There's heavy emphasis on house-cured meats, pizzas, and pastas, with unexpected and inspired flavors. The beverage program here, from cocktails to wine, is a hit, too. [Eater 38 Member]

  • Jacinte, 09-06-2013

    Arron (that's how he spells it) from New Jersey knows his stuff so hopefully you get him. He also has really nice arms and is an overall babe.

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