Automobile Museum Petersen

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Vintage cars, rare auto parts, paintings, photographs and books on cars - that's what makes the Petersen's museum collection. On four floors, the exhibition presents all kinds of cars: from convertibles and Formula 1 race cars to police motorcycles and cars for children. One floor is completely dedicated to the collection of the Hollywood automobiles; here cars of movie stars, cars acted in movies and even the iconic Batmobile are exposed here.
Address: 6060 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles
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  • Junnita, 25-01-2013

    Loving every minute of the visit! The collection was great, the display was fantastic! We also took the vault tour and it was amazing! Worth every penny...

  • Warren, 23-01-2013

    Museum is incredible. Do the vault tour! It's amazing!!

  • LA Weekly, 12-01-2013

    Site of the 5th Annual LA Weekly Food & Wine Event, PLATE! Sample delicious dishes from the best LA restaurants amidst historic cars - including the Bat-Mobile, the DeLorean and the Love Bug!

  • Karl, 24-11-2012

    Fantastic historical narrative of automobiles and transit in Los Angeles.

  • Buford, 05-07-2012

    See over 150 rare and classic cars in one of the world's largest automotive museums located in a city associated with driving, highways, and the ascension of 20th century car culture and suburbs.

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