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Ahmanson Theatre - is a small but very popular theater stage in Los Angeles, which is located in the very center.
It is modernized and attractive building. Inside it creates an incredibly emotional and even intimate atmosphere of the real theater, as how it was in past centuries.
Various plays, both children's fairy tales and performances based on modern literature known in wide circles, dancing shows and other performances are staged here.
People come here to enjoy the real theater, the real acting. In the hall a comfortable temperature, thanks to the powerful air-conditioning, is created, and in the courtyard, waiting for the opening of the theater, you can grab a bite to eat, which you took with you.
Address: 135 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles
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  • Nezer, 17-07-2014

    There's a Time of the Season When Blood Runs High... Get Your Tix Early. See your favorites often. And a Time for every purpose under Heaven. :) :) :) :) NK76

  • Barry, 26-10-2013

    Eat dinner at Kendall's Brasserie and walk to the theater.

  • Stacey, 18-07-2012

    War Horse great from the front row of mezzanine level. Great view of the horses front and top

  • Derek, 20-06-2012

    Hot tix, which are generally in the balcony boxes for $20/each (no service charge) are hard to beat for the price. Tickets go on sale 3 wks. before show's run.

  • Stephanie, 11-10-2011

    restaurant is kinda pricey outside, but food and wine are great and adds to the experience to going to see live theater, or you can bring a picnic dinner and eat outside before the show

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