The National Portrait Gallery

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It is an art gallery in London housing a collection of portraits of historically important and famous British people, which was opened in 1856. Other than portraits in oil, it features miniature pictures, drawings, busts, and photographs. Since 1896 the gallery moved to Neo-Renaissance building, off Trafalgar Square.
Address: St. Martin's Pl, London
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Selling Impressionist Paintings - an interesting exhibition
KBofLB , Littleborough, United Kingdom, 2015-05-21
This is an uncharacteristic exhibition about Impressionist paintings. After more than a century of their quality being generally appreciated, it is fascinating to learn about the severe financial... read full review
Mourners National Treasure of Treasures
Bobdensley , Reading, 2015-05-21
One of the very best art collections in the world. You can lose a whole day wandering from one old master to another and cover 5 centuries and dozens of countries. It still blows my mind that this... read full review
One of the Best Art Galleries in the World
HikingFoolCincinnati , Cincinnati, 2015-05-21
This gallery has an amazing collection of art with masterpieces by some of the best known artists including Vermeer, Leonardo, Raphael, Carravagio, Bruegel, Rubens, etc. Their Impressionionist... read full review
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  • HUGO BOSS, 05-02-2014

    Bailey’s Stardust exhibition featuring over 250 images, personally selected and printed by the distinguished photographer, is on display from Feb 6 - June 1 and definitely worth a visit!

  • Tareq, 29-08-2013

    اذا تتذوق الرسم، النحت، والفن التشكيلي بتستمتع بهالمتحف. هادئ ومرتب على حسب تاريخ اللوح. المتحف ضخم ويبيله نص يوم تقريبا بالذات لو كنت تدقق على كل لوحة. التصوير ممنوع بس يمديك من تحت لتحت.الدخول ببلاش

  • Ashley, 13-05-2013

    Man Ray portraits exhibition is really good - he knew everyone!!

  • Time Out London, 27-03-2012

    The National Portrait Gallery is open until 9pm on Thursdays and Fridays

  • ToryBurch, 12-10-2011

    This must-see museum houses over 160,000 portraits of famous Brits (think Mick Jagger, Queen Victoria) dating back to the 16th century. It also is home to a trove of Cecil Beaton images.

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