The volcano at the Mirage

The main attraction at the Mirage, of course, is his fire show, simulating a volcanic eruption. A huge model of a volcano is installed on the water right in front of the hotel entrance.

Every evening in the summer, the mountain begins to breathe fire on 30 meters up under a special soundtrack, consisting of music and sounds of these eruptions. An incredible sight complemented dancing fountains, designed by the same designers who created the famous fountains of Bellagio.
Address: 3400 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
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  • Social, 05-12-2013

    This Volcano icon goes off with an amazing music symphony and lights.

  • Andy, 10-08-2013

    8-12 PM every hour on the hour. Hottest 7 minutes of your night on the Strip!

  • Jessica, 16-05-2013

    It was really nice but only lasts three minutes which is a bummer

  • Jake, 23-01-2013

    There's only one person to trust when a volcano erupts in a major metropolitan area: Tommy Lee Jones.

  • Sherry, 04-11-2012

    A massive, 7.5 minute, explosive fire and water display visible from the strip nightly dusk - midnight.

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