The Pizzeria (Secret Pizza)

  • Duration: 1 h.
  • Цена: $
  • Бронирование: Нет
  • Кредитные карты: Да (вкл. American Express)
  • Есть места на улице: Нет
  • Меню: Поздний завтрак, Обед, Ужин
  • Напитки: Пиво
  • Варианты обеда: Доставки нет
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The Pizzeria (Secret Pizza) is one of the most mysterious pizzerias in Las Vegas.

To find this pizzeria is not easy, every guest is guided by its sense of smell to smell, we should look in the cosmopolitan on the third floor.

Coming here, every visitor warmly greeted by waiters and enthusiasm and professional ethics offered to make a choice in favor of one of the pizzas on the menu. For vegetarians, the ideal choice is paperoni Il cheese pizza.

The school serves a real American pizza with a crispy crust and homemade taste, the portions are large here, so pizzeria offers to order one piece at a time.

The prices here are quite affordable for Las Vegas.
Address: 3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
All reviews
  • Jerry, 17-05-2013

    Great pizza. Find this place on the third floor of Cosmo!

  • Las Vegas, 09-04-2013

    With a 1.2-mile concourse of more than 170 specialty shops and restaurants, you might not know where to begin. How about some walking shoes?

  • Las Vegas, 09-04-2013

    Shhhhhh. This place is a secret, remember? Stuff your face with delicious pizza; that will help you resist the temptation of telling others about this hidden gem. What happens here, stays here!

  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 13-03-2013

    Just added to the menu: housemade pickled banana peppers. The perfect accompaniment to a slice (or two).

  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 13-03-2013

    Looking for something sweet? Try our homemade cheesecake or chocolate chip cannoli, made fresh every day.

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