The national Museum of organized crime

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The collection of this popular Museum in Las Vegas is devoted to the history of organized criminal groups in the United States. Interactive exhibition tell visitors the history of the most famous gangsters of America and demonstrate how the activities of the mafia influenced the development of the country. The second part is devoted to equipment, weapons and history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Address: 300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas
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  • Fred, 31-08-2013

    Interesting. 3 floors and they recommend an hour on each one. Downtown near Freemont Street. Glad we came to it.

  • Morgan, 13-04-2013

    Great speakers scheduled for this year. The membership is quickly recovered in a couple of visits to the Museum or the events. Always recommend this place.

  • Las Vegas, 09-04-2013

    Welcome … now you’re part of the “family.” You’ll learn a lot here, but some things are better left unexplained … capiche?

  • The Mob Museum, 18-03-2013

    Las Vegas: Bugsy's El Cortez makes Historic Places list via Los Angeles Times

  • Travel + Leisure, 30-01-2013

    The federal courthouse where the 1950 Kefauver Hearings on Organized Crime were held is now a museum dedicated to the history of mobsters. Among the exhibits are real weapons used by Mafia hit men.

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