The pinball Museum

In this original collection of several hundred machines for the most popular arcade games USA - pinball. The Museum opened for the first time in 1976 in Michigan, but from the outset it was clear that sooner or later he must move in the gambling capital of America, which happened 20 years later.

Today the Museum features about 400 pinball machines and mechanical slot machines, most of them regularly, and they can play anyone.
Address: 1610 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas
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  • Eric, 25-01-2013

    Most of the games are 50 cents. Bring a five dollar bill, it will last you a good 30 minutes of pinball.

  • Jake, 23-01-2013

    Give the new "TRON: Legacy" machine a try. See where the pinball machine medium is headed.

  • PattiLou, 24-08-2012

    This place is awesome! The funniest way to give to charity! The workers are nice and very helpful Awesome selection of games new and old and 25 cent popcorn!

  • Los Angeles Times, 07-03-2012

    The Pinball Hall of Fame has its winners and its winners: the visitors who play the games love the chance to enjoy them again, and their quarters benefit charity.

  •, 10-01-2012

    This Vegas museum is where you'll find some of the best and rarest pinball machines from different eras in the past. There are also more than 400 pinball games here for visitors to enjoy.

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