The Warsaw Museum of contemporary art (MOCAK Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej w Krakowie)

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The Warsaw Museum of Modern Art had opened its doors in 1981. It is located just south of the city center and is located on Ujazdowskie Alley, Street, house 6. There is a Botanical Garden next to it. Since 2007, the director of the museum is the art critic - Joanna Mitkovskiy.
Earlier, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, the palace, the owner of which was marshal Lyubomirsky, was at this place. Later, in the mid-eighteenth century, King Stanislaw Poniatowski lived there. In 1784 Stanislaw handed this Palace to the possession of the city of Warsaw.
During the Second World War there was a military hospital and barracks, a little later - the medical school.
In the middle of the fiftieth years of the twentieth century the building was completely destroyed. Its restoration work lasted very long time, until the early eighties.
In our time, the museum features a collection of more than 250 works of art. Various exhibitions, presentations and concerts are often held there. Also creative workshops and much more are conducted in the museum.
The museum has a library which stores a lot of material about contemporary art.
Address: Lipowa 4, Krakow
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  • Hovhannes, 23-03-2015

    Check out their bookstore. One of the best in Krakow.

  • Anna, 11-01-2015

    Музей не большой, можно купить совместный билет на посещения музея фабрики Шиндлера и сюда - экономия в два раза!

  • Geert, 22-08-2014

    Brilliant contemporary art selection. Really enjoyed the visit!

  • Paweł, 25-04-2014

    I realy like this place! Amazing museum, interesting building, good collection of art, the place you have to be!

  • Kowalski, 15-04-2014

    Jak widać można stworzyć świetne i klimatyczne miejsce. 10/10

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