The Plac bohaterów Getta (Plac Bohaterów Getta)

In 2005, in Krakow, in the memory of Jews who were lost during World War II the "Square of ghetto heroes" memorial was established. It is presented in the form of long rows of cast-iron chairs, which represent furniture, discarded by the Nazis from the apartments of former owners. Total of 70 chairs and they glow at night.
From 1836 until the beginning of 1942, this place used to be a market, stables, also they used to execute criminals sentenced to death here.
During the Second World War, this area became the center of the Jewish ghetto. In May 1942, the Nazis herded here more than four thousand people, who then were sent to Belzhets - concentration death camp, near Lublin.
Here, in 1942, outside the ghetto, Jewish underground functioned.
From this area is closely connected with the name of Tadeusz Pankevich, who was the only Pole in the ghetto. At that time he owned a pharmacy called "Under the Eagle", which was located in the house №18. Pankevich risked his life helping people in the ghetto with medicines.
In 1967, the pharmacy was closed, and subsequently eliminated, but in 1983 the Museum of Memory was opened on its place. This museum features exhibits telling about life in a ghetto.
Address: Plac Bohaterów Getta, Krakow
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  • Anna, 18-03-2015

    Страшное место, горькая память. Тут нацисты собирали евреев, которым говорили, что их везут на "переселение". Везли в Освенцим.

  • Anna, 15-02-2015

    Really nice concept of place with chairs. Really sad chairs.

  • Simone, 09-10-2014

    The main square of Jewish Ghetto during the WWII...

  • Alex, 29-08-2011

    This is something that everybody has to hear! (bbc tip)

  • BBC World Service, 18-03-2011

    Listen to our free 10 minute English history programme talking to a young girl who lived next to the Krakow Ghetto. Click this tip for the link

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