Park them. Henryk Jordan Park Henryka Jordana)

The full name of the city park is "Jordan Park", the total area of its more than 21 hectares, it's located on 3 May Street in the city of Krakow, near the city stadium, meadows and Metallurgical Academy campus.
It was established back in the 89 th year of the 19th century in the meadows craft exhibition. In this park there were pavilions, and also sport grounds for gymnastics. And all those who were engaged received a saving-account-book from Jordan himself with the sum of five guilders. There was a rotunda located not far from the site, on which a music orchestra played. And for young children there was a maze specially created for entertainment.
And somehow to thank Jordan for taking an active part in the development of athletic activities, as well as charity, the City Council named this park in his honor. In this park more than 70 busts of famous writers, public figures and poets of Poland were presented. And in the 14th year of the XX century the bust of Henry Jordan had been installed.
But during the 2nd World War the park was plundered and most of the busts were destroyed. At the moment, only 45 of all busts were preserved. Since the 76th year, it was registered as one of the cultural monuments of Malopolska province, which is being protected.
At the moment there is a soccer field, a tennis court, a playground for children, a pond, and a water slide for skiing and much more for an active lifestyle located on its territory.
Address: Park Jordana, Krakow
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  • Michał, 11-05-2014

    Fantastyczne miejsce ! Piękny park ;) mnóstwo atrakcji !

  • Krzysztof, 18-07-2012

    Dla palaczy jest wyznaczona osobna alejka w samym centrum parku.

  • Lukasz, 13-08-2011

    Można chodzić z psem po parku, ale trzeba go trzymać na smyczy.

  • Sebastian, 22-06-2011

    skate park ma strasznie śliską nawieżchnię i słabo nadaje się na rolki

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