The Monument Smok Wawelski

One of the trademarks of the city of Krakow is a monument of «Smok Wawelski», which is translated from Polish as "Wawel Dragon". The monument is located near the Wawel Castle bastions leading to the Vistula River and was established in 1972. Bronislaw Chrome, the Polish sculptor, was the author of this metal statue. The feature of this monument is the fire that dragon spewing every five minutes.
Near the monument there is a dark and crude cave "dragon well", which is considered to be the residence of the dragon. According to legend, the dragon, who was nicknamed "Crookshanks," appeared in the city in the 12th century. Once a week one lamb had to be brought to the dragon, otherwise the dragon would eat a human. According to history, the victory over the dragon was won by cunning as it was impossible to overcome it. A stuffed sheep stuffed with sulfur was offered to the Dragon which he choked with when swallowing it. The image Wawel dragon is popular among sculptures, jewelry and figurines. As a souvenir, there is a coin with the image of the Wawel Dragon of 9 Krakow.
Address: Bulwar Czerwieński, Krakow
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  • Adam, 21-03-2015

    Warto poczekać aż pozieje ogniem. Jama zamknięta chiciaż już pierwszy dzień wiosny!

  • Yana, 25-01-2015

    Дует огнем каждые 15-20 минут. В дождь не дует. Интересная легенда

  • Yana, 04-01-2015

    Самая известная достопримечательность

  • Hisham, 22-12-2014

    If you are in Kraków. Add it to your list. Will fire each 5 minutes.

  • Kori, 14-10-2014

    Check out the dragon exhaling fire! Great evening walk!

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