Museum of the catacombs (Podziemia Rynku w Krakowie)

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It is a historical museum, located in the dungeons under the Market Square in the city of Krakow in Poland. Its area occupies more than 6000 square meters.

The first works on creation of this museum began in the middle of 2005. The investments brought in this construction made 38 million of PLN. Officially the museum was opened on September 24, 2010.

The museum often hosts permanent and temporary dungeon exhibitions. Its permanent exhibition called "Tracing European identity of Krakow." This exhibition was presented to the visitors of the museum in 3 days after its opening.

Holographic screens installed in the museum, as well as the use of modern multimedia screens allows you to travel back in time using the reconstruction of buildings, to be able to see the city of Krakow in the past.

Among the exhibits the museum has an exhibition of artifacts that were discovered by archaeologists at excavations during implementation of reconstruction of the Market Square.
Address: Rynek Główny 1, Krakow
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  • Adam, 22-03-2015

    Przy wyjściu można kupić pamiątki i wybić samemu monetki!

  • Adam, 22-03-2015

    Super miejsce. Trzeba rezerwować z wyprzedzeniem ale warto!!! Najlepiej z przewodnikiem. Bilet rodzinny dla 4 osob 38pln. Mnóstwo multimedialnych ekspozycji. Godzinka to mało - najlepiej dwie zająć...

  • Ihor, 01-12-2014

    Очень интересный краеведческий музей, рассказывающий об истории Кракова, с кучей интереснейших экспонатов и оригинальной подачей с применением новейших технологий.

  • Simone, 09-10-2014

    Interesting interactive museum under the main square... :)

  • Paulucha, 25-08-2014

    Bardzo fajnie pokazany stary Krakow na przestrzeni lat.

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