Malopolska garden parkovoe art (Małopolski Ogród Sztuki)

The Małopolski Ogród Sztuki building is located near the public library in Krakow. It is considered to be the cultural center, a place of art promotion, while decorated in a modern and original style. In the building there is a banquet hall for 300 seats, a cinema for 80 people to be able to watch 3D movies and movie-library. In addition there are 2 rooms; café and lobby for the possibility of hosting exhibitions, art events, as well as concert performances.
The object from the outside is made of ceramic components and glass facade, which can be seen through the elements of the secular theater building.
This is an open place, which is to the liking of not only the elderly, but also young people, and where you can spend a good time. Its design idea involves combining music, ancient figures of fine art combined with the modern methods.
Address: Rajska 12, Krakow
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  • Igor, 17-11-2014

    One of mosr beautiful new buildings in Kraków. A lot of intresting cultural events every month.

  • Joanna, 17-03-2014

    One of the most exquisite buildings in Cracow with very well equipped Arteteka, and wide range of art connected events

  • Marcin, 09-10-2013

    Jest to obecnie jedno z najjaśniej święcących punktów na kulturalnej mapie Krakowa. Z takimi komponentami jak Arteteka i Pauza In Garden - nie do zdarcia.

  • Zofia, 06-10-2013

    Elegant and well-equipped performance space, often host to festivals, concerts, films and other cultural events. Bar/reception area downstairs. One of Kraków's most attractive new buildings.

  • Michal, 08-06-2013

    Relatively new multi-purpose cultural center (theater, cinema, art library, gallery) in Krakow. Very nice place overall + there is a nice bar too for those who are thirsty.

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