Krakus Mound (Kopiec Kraka)

The Burial Mound Krakus - is an artificial mound on the right bank of the Vistula River in the city of Krakow. According to legend it is the burial mound of King Krak, the founder of the city. It is believed that the monarch's citizens carried the sand in their arm sleeves creating a mound. Therefore, Krakus Mound has the second name - "renkavka" from the Polish word "sleeve» (rekawki).
For certain it is unknown, whether there was a burial on the hill as the excavation which was carried out in the middle of the XX century had found nothing. But the approximate age of the hill became known only during the excavation: it was formed around VII century. Some researchers point to the similarity of the mound with artificial mounds in Scandinavia. According to this hypothesis the hill has a Scandinavian origin.

The Size of the burial Mound "Krakus" is 16 meters in height. The diameter of the flat top of the hill is 6 meters, the burial mound itself is 57 meters. It is located in the administrative district of Krakow Dzielnica XIII Podgórze. The vicinity of the mound -is a popular holiday place for residents and visitors. Especially the burial mound of Krak is most visited by Israeli tourists: from the top of the hill a quarry is visible, where during the Second World War; Jews from the Krakow ghetto were working.
On Bright Tuesday of Easter week at the hill the "Renkava" holiday is conducted: tent-towns are set, reconstruction of fights on swords and competitions in archery is held here. According to ancient folk customs they scatter coins around the hill.
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  • Kasia, 09-04-2014

    A bit of calm in middle of the city. It is a pity, though, that you can hear some noise from the street.

  • Paulina, 20-09-2013

    Każdy kto odwiedza Kraków, musi tam pójść Widok jest niesamowity, a klimat po prostu niepowtarzalny

  • Agnieszka, 31-08-2013

    Piękny widok na Kraków i jego centrum oraz Kamieniołom. Miejsce do którego chce się wracać.

  • Alexandr, 24-05-2013

    Beautiful view to the old city. Definitely it worth climbing.

  • Grzegorz Artur, 04-11-2012

    Kopiec na prawdę nazywa się kopiec Krakusa. Na część Krakusa księcia Krakowa, którego osoba jest także upamiętnia tablicą na murze Wzgórza Waweskiego (koło smoka)

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