The Krakow national Museum (Muzeum Narodowe)

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The Krakow National Museum was opened in the 79th year of the 19th century. At first, it was on the second floor of the Cloth Hall at the central market square and was located in 2 rooms. The collection originally consisted of donated artifacts from collectors and artists, but it was collecting slowly through donations of citizens of the city. It included paintings, coins, prints, historical documents, various crafts and sculptures.
At the beginning of the 20th century it was decided to begin construction of a new building combined with woolen rows. And it was completed 56 years later. The reason was the Second World War, during which the collection was plundered by German troops, but at the end, the Polish government managed to restore many of the exhibits. In spite of this, yet, a thousand works were lost.
At the moment, the museum consists of 21 departments, 11-galleries and 2 libraries. Each of the department is divided into different periods of art and contains about 780 thousand items.
Address: Aleja 3 Maja 1, Krakow
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  • Aleksandr, 25-01-2015

    If you're interested in museums, it's worth to visit it.The best day for it is Sunday, because it's free of charge

  • Petr, 23-08-2014

    Old building, but young dramaturgy. Stanley Kubrick exhibition is excelent for the given price.

  • Magdalena, 27-07-2014

  • Kate, 16-06-2014

    You can visit the permanent exhibits for free each Sunday - totally worth!

  • Kamil, 10-05-2014

    Zawsze rezerwuj godzinę więcej niż Ci się zdaje.

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