Cracow meadow (Błonia)

The Krakow meadow (Blonia) is located near the historic center of the Polish city of Krakow. In the past, it was a municipal pasture, and was treated contemptuously. Until the XIX century Blonia was not used by the authorities of the city. Spring floods flooded the meadow, turning it into a swampy area where the epidemic spread. Hence the name - blonia - meadow place, filled with water.
Since 1834 the cattle pasture on specious meadow was permitted to be, and so, it continued until the end of the century. The swamps were drained and in the early twentieth century Błonia became a walking area for visitors and residents, and a place for military parades and church services. Major sporting events were conducted there and soon the first stadium in the city was opened.
Today the Krakow meadow - is the biggest green recreational area, the largest park in the city. It hosts large events, exhibitions and concerts. It was here where the Pope John Paul II served his Mass during his visit to Krakow in the twentieth and twenty-first century (1979 to 2002). In 2006 the Krakow meadow was visited by the Pope Benedict XVI.
Modern Meadow has an area of 48 hectares (comparable to the size of 70 football fields). Its territory borders with the 3rd of May alley, the Rudava river , Pyastovska and Ferdinand Fosh streets.
Address: Błonia, Krakow
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  • Franek, 13-05-2014

    Świetne miejsce na rower rolki, czy też zwyczajny spacer ;)

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    W każdą sobotę o 9:00 bezpłatny bieg na 5 km z pomiarem czasu:

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    Get out for a run - every Saturday 5k at 9AM; OR Ice Skating in the winter months; OR roller blading; OR enjoying the sun and people watching. Get out and Seize the Day!!

  • Antoni, 24-07-2012

    Jak się nie chce biegać... Zawsze można pożyczyć rower:)

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