Cafe "Tektura"

  • Duration: 1 h.
  • Бронирование: Да
  • Кредитные карты: Да (вкл. American Express)
  • Есть места на улице: Нет
  • WiFi: Да
  • Меню: Поздний завтрак, Обед, Ужин
  • Напитки: Коктейли
  • Варианты обеда: Доставки нет
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Cafe-bar "tecture" is located on Krupnitskaya 7 Street, in the city of Krakow.
At first sight it may seem that it is small, but in reality it is quite spacious inside. The modern design of the room especially will appeal to young and middle-aged customers.
In the afternoon, you can come here and have lunch and in the evening to arrange a romantic dinner. This cafe is also available for friendly get-togethers.
The”tecture” cafe-bar offers a selection of tea and coffee. You can order breakfast, lunch and light dinner.
Prices are quite democratic and accessible.
Address: Krupnicza 7, Krakow
All reviews
  • Monika, 20-09-2014

    Awesome coffee. Well trained barista. Very good drip

  • Max, 23-06-2014

    Great coffee, and I mean it. Plenty of alternative brewing options (aeropress, syphon, drip...) Definitely worth visiting if coffee and starbucks are antonyms for you.

  • Natalia, 28-02-2014

    Przesympatyczna obsługa, najlepsze tarty,koktajle, wszystko! A do tego gry planszowe ♥

  • Karolina, 18-11-2013

    Here's a thing: you can't be a decent coffee shop if you are playing lame student radio, fashion fucking tv, have generic IKEA "paintings" on the wall. You just can't.

  • Michał, 19-10-2013

    Lovely atmosphere, great and nice baristas. One day I had to wait a bit longer for a coffee so they gave me free cookie as appology. One of the best place in Krakow to drink coffee.

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