Cafe "Frytki Belgijskie w Krakowie"

  • Duration: 1 h.
  • Кредитные карты: Да (вкл. Visa и MasterCard)
  • Есть места на улице: Да
  • Варианты обеда: Доставка
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The "Belgian fries" cafe which is located in Krakow is one of many venues of the so-called "fast food."
Customers are encouraged to try a variety of dishes made from potatoes - french fries, fries, fried potato chips and many others. This venue makes big hamburgers, from drinks - tea, coffee and cola. The main highlights of this cafe are very delicious sauces that are served with the potato dish.
This cafe is very convenient to visit during lunchtime, as the food is cooked very quickly. Also, any dish can be taken with you, it will be packed properly.
Prices are available and acceptable to everyone. This cafe is often visited by young people.
Address: Wawrzyńca 16, Krakow
All reviews
  • Magdalena, 27-01-2015

    Honey-mustard sauce highly recommended :-) and you may pay by card.

  • Karo, 17-12-2014

    Every dip is delicious! My favourite "baklazan i rozmaryn"

  • Kamil, 21-10-2014

    ZAJEBISTE FRYTKI. Pyszne sosy (duński wymiata) i bardzo miły pan frytkujący.

  • Ola, 20-10-2014

    Great french fries, delicious dips are baked eggplant and dried tomatoes with basil.

  • Mary, 21-09-2014

    Big and very tasty serving. You can add even two sauces at once to your paper pocket.

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