Artificial lake in Nova Huta (Zalew w Nowej Hucie)

This artificial lake, surrounded by a park located in the old part of the town of Nova Huta near Bulvarova Street, and the "Krakovyanka" entertainment center and on the other side is the Dlyubna River from which it is filled with water.
This park and the lake were discovered back in the 57th of the 20th century, as a recreational facility, where you can walk, relax or exercise. It was built in 2-kilometer desert area near the town. Its total area is 17 hectares and the artificial lake is 7 hectares.
You can go canoeing and water cycling on the lake. In the park you can have a family picnic. Initially, after the construction of this park no one looked after it and it turned into a scruffy dump. But recently, the park became a public city property and has refurbished benches, alleys, installed lighting and planted vegetation.
Around the lake is a basketball court built and you can play a beach volleyball: there is a tennis court, swimming pool and a playground for children with an artificial sandy beach.
The "Fisherman's House" is also in the park where fishing enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite thing.
Address: Bulwarowa, Krakow
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  • Łukasz, 17-11-2014

    Great place for parents with kids. Comfortable parking, a lot of attractions.

  • Eco, 14-10-2014

    Ulubione miejsce spacerowe Nowohucian o każdej porze dnia i roku. Upodobali je sobie rownież biegacze, rolkarze i rowerzyści.

  • Dominik, 09-04-2012

    Kiedyś to miejsce tętniło życiem i miało całkiem niezłą infrastrukturę. Amfiteatr, przystań, kajaki, żaglowki i roweru wodne. Piękno zostało ale reszta znoknęła.

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