Inflasi Boulevard (Bulwar Inflancki)

Inflyantsky Boulevard - is one of the four boulevards located on the left bank of the same Vistula River. Its individual name the "Inflyatsky Boulevard" was due to the fact that in 1991 it was decided to divide the boulevards of Dembnik, Old Town, Zvezhintsa and Podgórze, into smaller parts.
The Boulevard is located in the historic area - Old Town. From the north side there is a gentle slope which you can use to get to the river. From the south side, there is an embankment that was built in the early nineteenth century.
Until 1657 there was a Skavinsky bridge that connected the Myslennitsu and Skawina towns. Later it was burned by the Swedes, and then it was decided not to restore the bridge. Instead, they began using the ferry.
From 2009 the route to Inflyatsky Boulevard was laid, now every tourist can get to it by the water bus.
Since 2011 the Inflyatsky Boulevard was included in a single list of sites that are protected by Malopolska region.
Address: Bulwar Inflancki, Krakow
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  • Yana, 25-01-2015

    Хороший бульвар для пробежек.

  • Pieter, 21-10-2013

    On sunny days this place is very relaxing with people doing sports and leisure activities everywhere. The fresh air is also great!

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