The Kosciuszko Hill (Kopiec Kościuszki)

Kosciuszko Mound - is an artificially created hill, it appeared in the early twenties of the nineteenth century. It was filled by volunteers who wanted to perpetuate the memory of the Polish national hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Tadeusz Kosciuszko was a fighter for the independence of Poland. At the time, he was able to win many battles, but to prevent the partition of Poland, which took place for the third time; he was not able to succeed. Tadeusz Kosciuszko died in 1817.

During World War II, the Nazis wanted to demolish the mound, but they failed.
Nearly twenty years ago during long heavy rain, the mound was badly damaged. Nearly five years after it was closed to the public, as there were repair works. But in late 2002, Kosciuszko Mound was reopened.
Kosciuszko Mound - cenotaph, it is located in the west of the city of Krakow on Sikornik hill.

Tourists love this place and enjoy visiting it. Very often celebrities come here especially to make at least a few shots.
It is very easy to get to this mound. From the center of Krakow you can get here within 25 minutes, walking along shady alley with no cars driving by.
Address: Al. Waszyngtona, Krakow
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  • Alex, 01-03-2015

    If you want to go with trolley, go to opposite site of entrance and ask girl at exhibition entrance to open gate

  • Krzysztof, 19-02-2015

    Parking bezpłatny praktycznie pod samym końcem... i chyba mam lęk wysokości, nawet na takim "kopcu"

  • Petr, 19-08-2014

    Perfektni volba pro ty, kteri si chteji odpocinout od centra Krakova. V cene vstupenky je i historicka vystava, opevneni a male muzeum voskovych figurin.

  • Natalia, 20-12-2013

    Wejście na szczyt płatne. Widok cudny, ale okropnie wieje.

  • Tomek, 11-11-2013

    Zaskakująco ciekawe miejsce. Ładny widok, kameralna i interesująca wystawa poświęcona Kościuszce, malutka wystawa figur woskowych.

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