Florian's gate (Brama Floriańska)

Florian's Gates, considered being one of the main sights in Krakow. They are called so in honor of the church, which is located near the gate. Previously, it had been the main gate that led into the city along the defensive walls. And then they had another name - “Porta Gloriae”, which translates as "gate of glory." It is through them walked in the main military persons and guests of honor after the victory.
The gate was built in 1300 as a defensive wall. Their height is 34.5 meters. In 1657 a baroque spire was mounted on them which had been preserved to our time. In the first half of the 19th century, the authorities had decided to remove the barrier, leaving only the gate.
The eastern part of the city adjacent to the gate tower Pozumentschikov, built in the 15th century, and from the western part are Stolyarskaya and teselskaya towers built in the same century. In that time gates were heavily guarded and at night they were closed with the wooden lattice lifted on chains.
In the second half of the 15th century the brick barbican was attached to the outside of the gate for the defense and only in the 19th century the wall lost its status of defensive value and was demolished.
Address: Floriańska, Krakow
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  • Adam, 22-03-2015

    Monumentalne zwięczenie ulicy Floriańskiej. Mekka malarzy i grajków.

  • Yana, 25-01-2015

    Тут есть алтарь. И часто поют старички. Место красивое

  • Сергей, 04-08-2014

    Рядом продают картины акварелью, очень часто там же лежит пожилая хаски, которая обожает, когда её гладят, но не забудьте спросить разрешение у хозяйки!)

  • Eco, 12-11-2013

    Tylko w tym miejscu masz możliwość zobaczenia starych murów okalających niegdyś całe miasto...

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